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KENARA Gest House - Jeravna, Bulgaria

70 km. far from the town of Sliven and 16 km. far from the town of Kotel, at 650 m above the sea level, in the slopes of the Eastern Stara Planina mountains lie Jeravna village - a real open-air Bulgarian museum.

Jeravna - a waking-up, a vision comming from our sleep and becoming a reality...

Guest house "Kenara" is situated in the "Gorni Kray" part of the village, about 150 m North-West from the church and in immediate vacinity of the Hadjigergy and Kashtata s loznitsata guest houses.

Kenara guest house has the same architecture style, as the oldest Jeravna's houses.
The combination of wood and stones provides home calmness.